synchronicity is key

Tomorrow I am stepping into the waters of a new venture, slowly + with ease. I am not diving in, head first and strong; but initiating a new yet familiar journey, taking that first step up ascending the staircase, treading gracefully on a new path and aligning myself authentically with the messages and lessons I will be sharing with you. The Universe is aware of this shift and I feel as tho it has given me me the nod of approval. This morning I drew some cards, as I often do these days, and the first card that I drew from my first oracle deck spoke “synchronicity is key”. Yeah, I see you Universe.

Now, from the looks of it, it might not even seem like im making that big of a change. I’m posting very similar content, I’ve been working on this same blog, using the same products, but it’s very different. This is intentional. This is me consciously speaking out to the universe that I trust guidance, synchronicity, my intuition and the path unfolding before me. This is me speaking out to the Universe that I believe in my purpose as an educator and healer and I will fulfill my duty in sharing all I’ve learned along my own healing journey with you.

So, starting tomorrow my instagram will now be predominately focused on support, education, and empowerment for those looking into transitioning their lives and businesses to align with sustainability, health and wellbeing. You might be asking, like I often do when people start educating on a subject on social media, what qualifications do I have to speak and educate on this subject?! Well, 3 years ago I wouldn’t have been qualified and ill catch you up real quick on whats happened since then…

In 2017 I decided to open a salon and in doing so became hyper aware of the damage salons and the beauty industry in general have on our environment and our health and wellbeing. While researching what product lines we would carry, what lighting we would install, what appliances we would purchase, how we would keep the space clean, how we would dispose of our beauty waste, luxuries we would offer our guests, etc…. I began to understand, on a deeper level, the impression my small business would have on my community. I understood then that our impression would be long-lasting and profound, so I decided then and there ours would be a positive one. Shortly after Willow and Wolfe opened I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder, that honestly wasn’t much of a shock due to my symptoms, and in an instant my dream of being a mother and creating a family with my partner just got confirmed to be that much harder. Things had to change, like, big time and fast. So, down the rabbit hole I went to find ways to help heal my body in hopes to give myself a fighting chance to see my dream realized. And ya’ll WOW! is all I gotta say to the findings of my research and to the continuation of my education on living a holistically wealthy life. Working in the beauty industry (and probably my obsession with BABW’s warm vanilla sugar line from like ’99-’05) had a huge role in the health issues I had been facing, and I’m not just talking about just the endocrine disorder, or miscarriages I’ve experienced. I’m talking wide spread issues including skin sensitivities, gut/digestion issues, anxiety, inflammation, migraines, fatigue, and irregular menses. My goal the last couple years has been to find and implement the tools I needed to create a kinder, cleaner, healthier lifestyle that would flow with intention into my business, creating a life that was truly holistically wealthy. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I still have a ways to go and am still learning and growing and changing because building a holistically wealthy life is all about small wins, grains of sand that add up to tip the balance of my life and business to health and wellbeing. Now, I want to share everything I’ve learned and implemented with you so you can lead a holistically wealthy life right along side of me. Because, Ive been where you are and I’ve done the hard work and the research and sought out professionals who have empowered me to take control of my health and wellbeing at home AND behind the chair all while building a 6-figure business that survived 3 shutdowns from a global pandemic.

It’s been a wild, and joyful ride and in honoring all the synchronicities in my life that led me here I am opening myself up to you as a support system and co-conspirator in creating your own holistically wealthy life. So, how ’bout it… Will you join me by leaning into the abilities we all inherently have to show up for ourselves and build a life that is both sustainable and in support of our health and wellbeing?!


Published by bholisticallywealthycom1154

I am a holistic master stylist and salon owner from central California. I am passionate about clean beauty and living a holistically wealthy life. I have researched and sourced some of the best products and practices for a sustainably eco-conscious life and I want to share everything I've learned on my journey. Please join me, i'd love the company!

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