So, Y’all want bomb hair at home, huh?!

I’ve got just the info you’re needing today! If you want salon quality hair at home, guess what is the number 1 thing you need to do? You guessed it! USE SALON QUALITY PRODUCTS, recommended by your stylist for your individual hair type, texture and qualms. Yes, it’s literally that simple… and then wash yourContinue reading “So, Y’all want bomb hair at home, huh?!”

My Eco-conscious Bathroom

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the blog and letting me share a few of my favorite things with you! Today I’ll be talking about how I have created an eco-conscious and non-toxic bathroom. If you’re anything like me, you love self-care and can get a little hoard-y with the products. Oops! But I believeContinue reading “My Eco-conscious Bathroom”

how to: transitioning to an eco-conscious and non-toxic kitchen

If you are starting to get into the eco conscious way of living, you have probably found that you can get sucked into a pretty large money pit, quick. My advice is to replace things as you go, starting with one category at a time. I initially started with my kitchen so i’ll share someContinue reading “how to: transitioning to an eco-conscious and non-toxic kitchen”

Welcome to the B Holistically Wealthy Lifestyle

Hey there! Welcome to the lifestyle section of my blog ‘B Holistically Wealthy’! I am so excited you’re here, joining me on this epic journey to living a truly holistically wealthy life. In this blog I will be talking about all the ways I have discovered to live my best life, while minimizing my impactContinue reading “Welcome to the B Holistically Wealthy Lifestyle”