Is your business behind the chair sustainable?

Hey girl! I am exactly like you, I freaking LOVE my job! I went into this career all bright eyed and bushy tailed thinking I’d be able to be behind the chair 5 days a week until retirement. I think we both know by now, that is a lot harder said than done. This careerContinue reading “Is your business behind the chair sustainable?”

The salon industry + waste… and what we can do about it

The beauty industry can be not so beautiful at times, collectively making about 150 million pounds of waste a year. That’s about 420,000 lbs. of waste added to our landfills, and heaven forbid, our oceans each day. This is disastrous to our planet and to future generations, so are we going to stand by andContinue reading “The salon industry + waste… and what we can do about it”

The easiest swap-outs for a greener, healthier salon

I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, aren’t eco-conscious practices, products and tools more expensive and labor intensive? And, sure, yes sometimes some products or swap-outs can be pricey and a lot of work, but a lot of times it might just be the initial investment and then you go on to actually SAVE money +Continue reading “The easiest swap-outs for a greener, healthier salon”

Hey aspiring holistic stylist and salon owners! This ones for you.

In the 7 years I’ve been in this industry I’ve experienced every role in a salon; apprentice, front desk associate, commission stylist, rental stylist and salon owner, non of which were in an eco-conscious, holistic business. I started out as your run of the mill hairstylist, serving up your average haircuts and highlights, thinking thatContinue reading “Hey aspiring holistic stylist and salon owners! This ones for you.”

Welcome to the B Holistically Wealthy Career

Hey there! Welcome to the career section of my blog! I am a master stylist and salon owner and this section will be focused on sharing all the ways in which I was able to extend my holistic lifestyle into my career in the salon. Check out my salons website here and make sure toContinue reading “Welcome to the B Holistically Wealthy Career”