The salon industry + waste… and what we can do about it

The beauty industry can be not so beautiful at times, collectively making about 150 million pounds of waste a year. That’s about 420,000 lbs. of waste added to our landfills, and heaven forbid, our oceans each day. This is disastrous to our planet and to future generations, so are we going to stand by andContinue reading “The salon industry + waste… and what we can do about it”

My Eco-conscious Bathroom

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the blog and letting me share a few of my favorite things with you! Today I’ll be talking about how I have created an eco-conscious and non-toxic bathroom. If you’re anything like me, you love self-care and can get a little hoard-y with the products. Oops! But I believeContinue reading “My Eco-conscious Bathroom”

The easiest swap-outs for a greener, healthier salon

I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, aren’t eco-conscious practices, products and tools more expensive and labor intensive? And, sure, yes sometimes some products or swap-outs can be pricey and a lot of work, but a lot of times it might just be the initial investment and then you go on to actually SAVE money +Continue reading “The easiest swap-outs for a greener, healthier salon”

how to: transitioning to an eco-conscious and non-toxic kitchen

If you are starting to get into the eco conscious way of living, you have probably found that you can get sucked into a pretty large money pit, quick. My advice is to replace things as you go, starting with one category at a time. I initially started with my kitchen so i’ll share someContinue reading “how to: transitioning to an eco-conscious and non-toxic kitchen”