Welcome to my health journey

Welcome to my health journey + honestly, my inspiration for living a holistic/non-toxic/eco-conscious lifestyle. I started truly focusing on cleaning up my life about 2 years ago after getting diagnosed with low-AMH hormone levels. Being diagnosed with low AMH hormone levels in my early 30’s was just the kick-in-the-pants, I didn’t really want, but needed to create a holistic, non-toxic lifestyle. 

Having low AMH levels means there are fewer developing eggs in the ovaries, so the chance of a mature and healthy egg being released and fertilized decreases. So, basically, it’s going to be hard for me to get pregnant and the chance of me carrying a healthy baby to term is significantly decreased. I also already had a history of undiagnosed missed-miscarriages at the point of diagnosis, so you can imagine how upset I was to find out that it is just going to get harder for me to have a healthy, successful pregnancy. 

I’d gone back and forth, quite a bit, on whether I really wanted kids. I told myself I’m a business woman and my business is my baby, and that the world is just too overpopulated and too awful to bring an innocent child earthside. Those were just a heap of excuses, self-preserving from my fear of suffering yet another miscarriage, and I discovered that I definitely wanted to try to have a baby with my partner, more than anything. I dug deep, like really deep,  and what I believe in my heart to be true, is that people who will teach their babies to think critically, love mother earth and all her inhabitants infinitely and fight for environmental and social justice need to procreate, now more than ever. So, there I was with an infertility diagnoses deciding to do everything I could to create a hospitable environment in hopes of a future little bundle of joy. 

This brings me to all the research I did when I was trying to figure out why I was having these issues and what I could do to help my body prepare for a healthy, full-term pregnancy. Wow, this was when my world literally broke open as I discovered how so many things that are so common in our daily lives are toxic endocrine disrupters that can straight-up cause infertility, among other serious health problems. Back up really quick though, I’m sure you’re wondering what an endocrine disruptor is, right?! Well, these bad little mo-fo’s are chemicals or chemical compounds, often found in many household and personal care products, that can interfere with the hormonal systems. Systems such as the synthesis, secretion, transport, binding, action or elimination of natural hormones in the body that are responsible for development, behavior, fertility, and maintenance of homeostasis (normal cell metabolism). I want you to think about your fav scented candle, or household cleaner, or even laundry soap. Got ‘em in mind?! Are you 100% sure of the quality and safety of the ingredients? If not, I’ll bet these commonly used products have been slowly infiltrating your body with all sorts of nasty chemicals that have been negatively affecting your health, silently. That’s exactly what I discovered, and because I am a hairstylist, multiply all those chemicals basically by 1,000. Now, can you imagine how freaked out I was?! 

I knew at that point; my only option was to completely clean up my life. To rid it of all the toxins I could, starting in my home. This meant reading Every. Single. Label, doing the research on what was toxic and replacing all those toxic products; from cleaners to personal care, with their non-toxic alternatives. I started in my kitchen, which I wrote about in my last post, and worked my way throughout my home and eventually throughout my business, switching out anything that had any potentially harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, our society is not built to support a holistic, non-toxic, eco-conscious lifestyle and a huge part of our health is our mental health, so I gave myself grace + time to do what I could. if you decide to undergo this lifestylist transformation, I hope you do the same. Because, truly, all these changes didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I am still finding better, healthier products and ways of doing thing and this journey is what brought me to write this blog. I want to share my journey to holistic wealth and all the things I’ve learned thus far, with you! If I can help one person feel less isolated when it comes to fertility issues or be of inspiration to one person to live a more holistic lifestyle while lessening their negative impact on the earth, I’ve succeeded in my goal. 

I realize now, more than ever; it is our job to love, support and care for Mother Earth, so our children and grandchildren have the ability to breathe the fresh air, drink the clean water, and enjoy this beautiful planet. I personally cannot, in good conscious, bring an innocent being to this planet and not fight for their future here. So, to me, my reasoning for living a holistic, non-toxic lifestyle goes hand in hand with an eco-conscious lifestyle. I want my children to be able to swim among the reefs, walk amongst the redwoods and climb all the literal and metaphorical mountains their heart desires. To do that, we have to make changes now, before it’s all too late. Remember, “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – native American proverb. 

            Thanks for taking the time to read my story. This is deep. This is my truth. It’s raw and a little uncomfortable, and yet I feel so grateful to be able to be on this journey and share it with you. Follow along by clicking that subscribe button and if you feel so inclined, reach out via @b.wolfe.hair on Instagram and share your favorite holistic/non-toxic products with me! I’d love to connect and hear all about them. 


Published by bholisticallywealthycom1154

I am a holistic master stylist and salon owner from central California. I am passionate about clean beauty and living a holistically wealthy life. I have researched and sourced some of the best products and practices for a sustainably eco-conscious life and I want to share everything I've learned on my journey. Please join me, i'd love the company!

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