how to: transitioning to an eco-conscious and non-toxic kitchen

If you are starting to get into the eco conscious way of living, you have probably found that you can get sucked into a pretty large money pit, quick. My advice is to replace things as you go, starting with one category at a time. I initially started with my kitchen so i’ll share some of my favorite eco conscious products!

First and foremost, swap out your soaps and cleaners for non-toxic, eco-conscious products. My go to kitchen cleaner is Meliora. The all-purpose cleaner is great for all surfaces and is super easy to use. It initially comes in a glass bottle with cleaner concentrate and then you can purchase refill concentrate in eco-conscious packaging. I fill up the bottle with hot water to dissolve the concentrate and then add my fav essential oils, switching it up for the season or whatever support my home is currently needing. In this season of Covid-19 I have been using the Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Synergy blend, as a little extra boost of immune boosting power, as my essential oil add in. Meliora also has a product for those times you need a little extra scrubbing power for that stuck on grease, comparable to comet or ajax, called gentle home cleansing scrub. I like to use this to clean out my sink after doing my dishes to get my sink clean and sparkling again. I don’t have a dishwasher at home, so I need a dish soap that I can trust will really clean my dishes without leaving a film. For eco-conscous purposes, I like to buy liquid dish soap in bulk, and I have a mason jar with a pump lid that I just refill. My fav go-to for non-toxic and eco-friendly dish soap is actually the citrus Dr. bronners 18-in-1 pure castile soap, which is diluted for dish washing purposes and lasts quite a while. A combo of these non-toxic yet mighty cleaning products help me keep my kitchen super clean, without having to use harsh chemicals, thus keeping myself and my home safer and healthier. 

A few of my favorite, go-to eco conscious kitchen tools are reusable baking mats, mesh produce bags and bamboo dish scrubber. I work, a lot, so I make a lot of easy weeknight sheet pan meals and was looking for a way to reduce the amount of tin foil I was using to line my baking sheets. My boyfriend picked up these handy dandy silicone baking mats at Costco and they have been one of the most used products in our kitchen. Easy to use, low waste, easy clean up and non-toxic! Win, win, win, win. Now, I’m sure you’re already using reusable grocery tote bags, but have you thought about the waste we are creating with all those little individual plastic produce bags? Yeesh! Finding these mesh produce bags has seriously upped my eco-friendly game up, completely eliminating the need for those pesky single use plastic produce bags. Lastly, I love my little bamboo dish scrubber! Again, I’m the dishwasher in my house and anything that I can use to make that job a little easier is a freaking gem in my book. 

All the products and tools I’ve shared are linked throughout this post and I would love if you shared the products and tools you love with me! Seriously, I would really love to hear about your eco-conscious journey and the things you’re doing in your home, because I know that I am not perfect, and I am on this journey to lessen my impact and I know I can’t do that alone. I mean, let’s be real…we aren’t all going to do eco-conscious perfectly, but if we all get together, even if were doing it imperfectly, we can collectively make a huge difference. 


Published by bholisticallywealthycom1154

I am a holistic master stylist and salon owner from central California. I am passionate about clean beauty and living a holistically wealthy life. I have researched and sourced some of the best products and practices for a sustainably eco-conscious life and I want to share everything I've learned on my journey. Please join me, i'd love the company!

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